david bellamy gold awarded park
honey bee friendly park winner

Just some of the Creatures that have been spotted around our park.

5 in 5 hedgerow winner

Over Twelve Consecutive years Gold Winner

hedge hog
slow worm
honey bees
marsh butterfly
maxresdefault butterfly
painted lady
silver studded blue
peacock butterfly

At Polruan Holiday’s we always endeavor to improve our services and the presentation of our park, also to help the environment and encourage more wildlife, for all our hard work we are very proud to announce  we have achieve for twelve consecutive years the David Bellamy Gold Award.

Please help us to protect our planet by recycling your waste

Just some of the work  that we’ve achieved around our park to help  encourage more wildlife.

david bellamy information board
polruan holidays bird nesting boxes
davib bellamy gold awarded park
polruan holidays natura reserve

Over the past years we have introduced many bird nesting boxes and feeders  around our park, including an Owl box, Bat box, butterfly box and insect boxes.
We have also planted many species of trees, shrubs and plants, and still planting.


Every Year at Polruan holidays we plant and seed a variety of seasonal flowers and wild flowers too, in pots, hanging baskets, and even a boat, not just to encourage more wildlife but to enhance the beauty of our park and  for all our visitors to also enjoy.
However you may find certain grass areas and hedging looking a little unkept this is purely to help preserve and encourage wildlife around our park.


green finch
blue tit

At Polruan Holidays we are constantly looking at ways to conserve energy and to reduce pollution around the park, we only use low level energy saving lighting, controlled by sensors, we only use environmental colour paints and all our holiday homes are of environmental colour.
Within  the shower block push taps are used to all basins, our energy saving showers are fitted with push button timers (7 min), all toilets are of low level water systems.
Water Butts are also used where possible around the park.